33 Ways Kids Are Like Cats

In my family, pets are family members. We respect their unique personalities and quirks, and of course, we love them. We have a beautiful and amazing Egyptian Mau named Isis, and I grew up with cats as well. I am firmly in the "cat person" category. If it weren't for dogs like Cooper, I'm not sure I could even say I liked dogs enough to even consider getting one, like my husband and I plan to eventually.

But my love of cats and my conscious goal to understand them through their body language and communication leaves me with an amusing observation -- there are many ways that older babies and toddlers can be so much like cats.

  1. They spend too much time trying to free the ball from the "trapped ball" toy.
  2. They take closed doors as a personal insult.
  3. They will play in the toilet if given the opportunity.
  4. They may drink from the toilet.
  5. Their toys seem to breed and multiply like Tribbles.
  6. They eat out of the trash.
  7. They wake you up in the morning.
  8. They get in your face.
  9. They scratch you if you don't cut their nails.
  10. They're the focus of many the hilarious caption.
  11. No matter how "potty-trained" you think they are, they can always leave you a gift somewhere unexpected.
  12. They like to leave things in your shoes.
  13. They eat their toys.
  14. They try to sneak outside, even when they're not allowed to.
  15. They can reach things you think are safe.
  16. They puke on the floor and don't tell you.
  17. They try to hide evidence of wrong-doings.
  18. They are cuddly and warm.
  19. They're challenging to put in a costume.
  20. They make bathtime an Olympic sport.
  21. They vie for attention at the most inconvenient times.
  22. They seem to try to trip you when you're carrying heavy items.
  23. They are absolutely adorable.
  24. They don't cooperate for pictures.
  25. The more worried you are about them, the longer they'll stay hidden.
  26. They ruin your nice things.
  27. The way you treat them can make strangers on the Internet call you bad names.
  28. It's easy to want way more than you can realistically care for.
  29. They fall asleep in weird places.
  30. They bite.
  31. They're fun to pose with props.
  32. They make adults talk in weird voices.
  33. They love chasing a laser pointer.


Can you think of more? How are your kids like your pets?


Images via icanhazcheeseburger; stuffonmycat

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