8 Holiday Gifts for the Winter Baby

monkey hat for babyI love crazy hats: geeky hats, cute hats, animal hats with ears, ridiculous hats in general (even if silly hats are not in fashion). I once had a beanie with a rubber dinosaur and pinwheel on top.

So my obsession for unique hats is now being passed down to my children, and in my holiday browser-window shopping, I've come across lots of unique, fun, geektastic, and adorable hats for babies, toddlers, and even you.

Check them out!


If you're not totally into the super weird, never fear, Creative Dragonfly's shop has some classic sock monkey hats (featured above) and other sweet, not-too-strange knitted beanies for babies. This particular one is $25.

penguin hat

This adorable penguin hat and matching scarf are from the fantastic store Shear Nonsense for $25. Some of my other favorites from her include a bat with fangs, bunny, clownfish, black or white kitty, panda, even a raccoon (hats without scarfs are $15). She also has scarves for both kids and adults (the kitties have an X for a butt, which I love -- does that make me weird?). She also does custom orders!

Grapevine Fires appeals to my super-geeky side, with hats depicting Yoda, Sailor Moon, Cthulhu, Legend of Zelda, and pictured above, Gir from Invader Zim ($18-30). They also take custom orders.


For the Monty Python crowd out there, ThinkGeek brings you the Tim the Enchanter horned hat for $19.99.

Not only for Halloween, this Princess Leia hairbun hat from thegreenhedgehog ($19.95) will certainly keep your daughter's head warm.

Was I getting too weird for you? Get back to the funky and fun and maybe a little more normal with the cute Greendog animal hats from Macy's ($14.98 each).

Which one is your favorite? If you could custom-make a hat of your own, what would it be?



Images via Shear Nonsense; Grapevine Fires; Creative Dragonfly; ThinkGeek; thegreenhedgehog; Macy's

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