5 Gifts for the Tired Teether

There is not much worse than a teething baby who is miserable all the time and up all night. It's just bad all around -- for mom and dad who don't sleep and for baby who is in pain, drooling and generally uncomfortable round the clock.

As bad as it is, try to put yourself in your little one's shoes (or lack thereof). The world is new, you just got used to sticking your fist in your mouth, and now, all of a sudden, the gums you trusted to gnaw on your fists are gone, replaced by a raw feeling and little pokey things coming to the surface. You can understand why he's miserable!

So, this holiday, give a gift to the tired parents and their miserable baby. Here are five gift ideas for the baby who is in pain and the parents who want to soothe him.

Here are 5 gifts for the tired teether:


Teething Jewelry: $39.60

This is a great way that mom can look well-accessorized while also providing her baby with some relief. A win-win!

Vulli Sophie: $21.99

Sophie the Giraffe is a classic. It looks like a dog toy, but kids go nuts for her rubbery goodness. She helps soothe the gums, but is also an entertaining way for children to amuse themselves as she squeaks. They can pull her, twist her, and chew on her and she will remain the same loving, loyal giraffe. Perfection!

Good Vanilla Extract: $30.23 for a 3-pack

My mother used to rub whiskey on my gums when I was baby, which apparently worked, but hey! We can't advocate the use of alcohol (except for the parents). However, vanilla extract can work the same way. Just the act of rubbing a baby's gums can bring some relief through counter pressure, but the alcohol in the vanilla extract will provide a warming comfort as well. Vanilla is also known as both a tension tamer and a tummy soother, both of which can become problems during teething.

Soothing CD: $20

When all else fails, sometimes music can help soothe tired infants. This CD is a nice way to soothe in a darkened room after a little bit of infant Motrin and some rocking.

Shaved Ice machine: $299

At first glance, it might seem ridiculous to spend this on a snow cone maker, but few get the true difference between shaved ice and slush. Shaved ice is perfect for a baby. It's smooth and melts instantly, no danger of large chunks or choking. When they get older, you can add flavor, but for a baby, there is not much more soothing than ice, and mom and dad can enjoy a frozen treat during the days when it might seem like there is too little fun being had.


What do you give tired babies (and parents)?

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