Celine Dion Baby Photos Will Brighten Your Holiday Too

Celine DionJust six weeks after giving birth, Celine Dion has busted out the twins for a magazine. Her new baby boys, we mean. What were you thinking, you weirdo?

The ovary-busting cuteness showed up on the cover of Hello Canada this week (hat tip to PopEater), and if you're in need of a boost of holiday spirit, these should do the trick: 






Celine Dion baby photos

Did you just sigh awwww? Pictures of babies always renew my faith in the goodness of man; just what I need when I'm trying to figure out how to squeeze an extra 10 hours out of this week to finally buy that Christmas tree, get it up, get to the ballet holiday show, and wrap presents. Bring on the holiday joy!

Now I have a confession to make. My apologies to other moms of multiples, but I usually have a tough time telling twins apart when they're this little -- even members of my own family look the same in old photos. Really, there's a running joke that my grandmother may have mixed up my twin uncles a time or two. I'd feel guilty, but she entertained the rumor a time or two herself (although it was my dad and his other brothers who did the mixing up in her version).

So I don't know if credit should go to the photographer or to the different (albeit both cute) poses, but I can say that these little boys looked totally different to me -- which may be my own holiday miracle. Santa won't have to bring me better skills of observation! My suspicions that Nelson and Eddy are fraternal rather than identical was confirmed with a little research.

Either way, it's just double the joy at the holidays for Celine Dion and husband Rene. They're staying home to hang out with the fam this Christmas -- which also includes their elder son, Rene-Charles.

Do you love looking at babies during the holidays?


Images via Facebook and PopEater

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