Day Care Keeps Babies Healthy? & More News

exersaucer funny videoLots of science type stuff in the baby news this week. But also, some hilarious videos of desperate parents. Enjoy the links I'm loving!

In case you have yet to grasp how awesome the exersaucer is, Evenflo has a very convincing video series of all the benefits of keeping your baby entertained. Yes, one includes sex-starved parents getting it on. Hooray! -- Evenflo

I'm mostly applauding this mom for giving birth in the MRI machine in the name of science. But also wondering how much radiation she got on her uterus and, you know, the newborn. Fascinating stuff, and hopefully useful. -- Strollerderby

If you're a working mom and put your baby in daycare, you know how much the constant illness sucks the life out of everyone in your home. But a new study says that while babies in day care get sick more often, it actually seems to help them in the long run. I'm looking forward to that long run, because the short run kind of blows. -- ParentDish


Image via Evenflo

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