Baby Jesus Kidnappings Becoming More Frequent

baby jesus kidnappingsBaby Jesus may be the best known infant in the world, and arguably the most popular, but that also makes baby Jesus the most vulnerable to kidnapping.

Yesterday the baby Jesus in Easthampton, New Hampshire was stolen from the Easthampton Congregational Church's nativity scene for the second time in six years. Oddly, the first baby-napping happened in December 2004, but baby J was returned in time for Christmas 2006. Of course in this nativity scene, things come and go quite often as a black sheep was stolen twice in 1999, returned, and stolen again in 2008.

But these aren't the only baby Jesus and friends that go missing each year.

But who would do such a thing? And then return them, only to swipe again?

I have a few ideas.


The Grinch 

We already know he loves stealing every bit of Christmas. It must be when his heart grows that he returns the items. Only to return to steal again when he forgets how cute little Cindy Lou Who is.


That dude hates Christmas. And probably loves Charo.

King Herod

The original madman who wanted to kill all of the little baby boys in Bethlehem for fear of a new King of the Jews arriving. Seems the obvious choice.

Or it could just be, you know, teenagers. They do stupid things all the time.

Who do you think is kidnapping all the babies?


Image via stephendepolo/Flickr

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