5 Gifts for the Curious Crawler

leg warmers for babyCrawling is one of the most significant milestones for babies in terms of changing their world and the world of parents who now have a mover on their hands.

No more can you set them down with some toys and walk away, because if you do, there's no telling where you might find them.

There's a big world to explore out there! 

To encourage crawling and make it more fun, here are some great gifts to get them going and keep them busy:


Leg Warmers $12 at Etsy

Not only are they adorable, but they provide an extra layer of cushion to knees as toddlers crawl on hard tile and wood floors.


Move & Crawl Ball

Move & Crawl Bawl $15.99 at Amazon

Your baby will have a "ball" with this ball. Not only does it roll, but it lights up and offers lessons on colors, shapes, and animal sounds.

crawl-on toy

Crawl-on Toy $89.99 at Constructive Playthings

Once they start crawling, there will be no stopping them. Provide some new terrain with this foam multi-textured toy.


Tunnel $29.99 at Back to Basics Toys

Give them something to crawl through with this colorful tunnel. Speaking from personal experience, you will get years of use out of one of these!

Follow-Me FredFollow-Me Fred $19.99 at toysrus.com

A real dog might do the same trick, but if one isn't available, this is a cute and maintenance-free substitute. It makes real dog nosies and sings songs too. Your baby won't be able to resist following him all over.

What are your favorite toys for crawlers?


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