Holiday Photos Gone Wrong: Hilarious Family Bloopers

So many of us try to get pictures of our children in front of the tree, if we even have time for the tree or consider that part of the holiday tradition. The pretty lights! The presents all wrapped up! The kids smiling! It's the perfect photo op, and great for the holiday card. But unless your child is a professional model or a camera ham, getting a good picture can be incredibly difficult. Babies often don't want to cooperate in the slightest, and bigger kids think it's BORRRRING.

My advice? Make the best of it and change your goal: Don't opt for "The Perfect Picture."Instead, go for a picture, or multiple ones, that showcase your kids as individuals. You know, the crazy, wild, uncooperative kids that they are. Besides, bloopers make much better memories. Check out these outtakes that made the cut ....



Ooops! Aurora's hat was too big. And that mystery arm! Rowan's having fun with it though.

Remember, pets are family members, too. Don't forget to include them in your photos as well. Make sure you get their best side in the photo.

Don't be above bribery. However, it's wise to remember that a 5-month-old gumming a wrapped candy cane may be still be able to crack open the wrapper a little. This smile? That says, "What they don't know yet is I'm actually eating this! First solid -- candy cane!"

My dear friend Erika of Random Ninja shows that taking pictures of children isn't just, um, interesting when they're little, but continues on to the big kids, too.

Great prop, just not very festive.

I think her expression says it all. Is someone possessed? Is that a ghost? The rest of her photos are even more hilarious, including some sister-on-sister violence. Rather than having one ideal photo, she created a memorable holiday card with a collage that really showed her daughters' personalities.

What I'm saying is don't restrict yourself to just that. Consider your "Perfect Photo" as only one portion of the photo session. It makes for a much more memorable display that goes above and beyond the traditional. Now, this isn't to say the "Perfect" photo isn't attainable. I mean, the photo below is proof that IT CAN HAPPEN! But the more fun you have and the more you click that camera, the more likely you are to catch the perfect moment.

See? Patience pays off after all. If her smile got any bigger, her face would explode.

Do you have fun with the bloopers? What's the funniest blooper you caught on film with your kids?


Images via Christie Haskell; Erika of Random Ninja

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