6 Baby Gifts for the Mom Who Loves Owls


People like to claim that they aren't trend-followers, that their choices are unique, and for some people that's true. Counter-culture moms like to claim they're ambivalent to commercial trends too, but in searching some of the hot gifts for babies this year, I had to laugh to see that no matter if it was made in China or in a mom's living room, I was seeing the same thing over and over -- OWLS!

And I have to admit, I love owls too, and found a huge variety of options for the fans of the feathered cuties:


Super cutie little guy to the right, the Skip Hop Treetop Friends Hug and Hide Owl Activity Toy, runs for $17.98 at Amazon and has all sorts of fun things for textures and visuals for small people, even newborns.

For cloth-diapering mamas especially, but anyone could use this, there is this insanely adorable beanie with earflaps and matching diaper cover from Karly's Kloset for $40.50. And there's a boy's version too, don't despair! How cute is this?

For the itty-bitty crowd, check out the Skip Hop Treetop Friends Animal Ball Trio. It has a clip to hook to a stroller. ($16 on Amazon)

Looking for a cute and practical way to soothe bumps and bruises, and maybe help encourage your kiddo to at least keep an ice pack on a little longer? Or even a nice cover for a cold teether pack so your baby gets some relief? SmileyMoo's Variety Shop has an adorable hot and cold pack with washable owl cover ($4.50).

And my personal favorite, I found a Moby wrap with an adorable owl on it for $44.95 at Nuture Center! If I didn't already have one that I don't use much anymore, I'd totally be all over this.

Last but not least, the pricey but insanely adorable "My Little Night Owl" Snuggle Sack & Cap ($40) from JenKlairKids.

Do you love owls too? What super-cute owl gifts have you found?


Images via Amazon; Karly's Kloset; Amazon; SmileyMoo's Variety Shop; Nuture Center; JenKlairKids

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