7 Holiday Gifts for the Retro Baby

gifts for retro babyYou know you've got a cool baby. He likes to kick it old school, and quite frankly, you do too. The same old, same old won't do for this superfly retro kid -- or his parents. From toys making a comeback because they were so rad in the first place, to the right party wear, we've searched for the best in holiday gifts for the retro baby.

If you've got a cool cat in your crib, or on your list, take a gander at these gifts that will knock his socks off.



LucyKids Little Professional Onesie

No one dresses up anymore, and it's a shame. Your baby, however, needs to suit up and represent at the Christmas party, or any mealtime with important people (aka, you). This bamboo and cotton onesie ($22) does have one big thing on its vintage counterparts -- it's eco-friendly.

gifts for retro babyThe Farmer Says

Yes, the look is slightly updated, but if your baby is already in the animal obsession phase, she'll love this throwback from the 1960s. There's an extra page of animals in The Farmer Says circa 2010 ($27.99), so your kids will be smarter than you, but that was to be expected. Can you still hear that voice, "The cow says . . . Moooooooooo."?

gifts for retro babyRadio Flyer Little Red Wagon

The little red wagon ($19.73) never goes out of style. NEVER. Still, it's fire engine red look will transport you back as your baby alternately rides, and pulls that wagon along. This is one of those retro toys you're going to want to save for your grandchildren -- since your parents probably sold yours in a garage sale.

gifts for retro babyVintage Baby Sweater & Bonnet

Even though it was made today, this new vintage-like sweater and bonnet set ($25) is the perfect gift for the retro newborn. Crocheted from soft acrylic, this set will also put tears in the eyes of your baby's Grandma it looks so authentically old school.

gifts for retro babyThe Classic Sock Monkey

If you have a retro baby, he is never complete without the requisite sock monkey. Go for quality with this perfectly made classic sock monkey ($22) made from a vintage pattern from the 1930s. These are made to order, so get it quick so it will arrive before Christmas!

gifts for retro babySnoopy Sno Cone Machine

Your Sears catalog wish list item is back! Live vicariously through your baby by making her tiny sno cones with the push of a button on Snoopy's own machine ($19.95). It's true that babies shouldn't be operating sno cone machines, even the easiest ones in the world like this one, but soon enough she'll be doing it herself and you'll still reap the rewards.

gifts for retro babyVintage Boy Romper

The real deal, this is a one-time listing of a baby boy romper from the 1970s ($14). I swear I've seen a picture of my husband in this as a baby. After all, it looks like every little boy's outfit who was born in the Nixon, Ford or Carter administrations. But you've got to hurry, because there's only one left!

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