Parents Have to Fight Harder for Their Babies!

The doctors told 10-month-old baby Klaus's parents that he was a lost cause, that his hydrocephalus (water on the brain) was so bad that the best they could do was make him comfortable and let him go.

The parents were not ready to give up and so, desperate, they turned to Hydro Angels Over Texas, an organization that provides support for those dealing with hydrocephalus.

According to ABC News 

"Nobody approached us with any humanity," baby Klaus's mother said of the first doctors they saw.

Baby Klaus's case was uniquely challenging. A normal head circumference at birth is 35 centimeters, but 10 months after his birth, his was 104 centimeters. Still, the doctors at University of Texas have been able to treat him. 


Over the course of several operations, doctors will drain 30 pounds of fluid from his brain, and more surgery will include taking apart the baby's skull and putting it back together again.

There is still a long road ahead for little Baby Klaus, but his parents have hope where there was none. They have a treatment plan and he's still alive. And that is something.

According to ABC:

About 1 million Americans have hydrocephalus, according to Angels Over Texas. It is a complex condition in which too much cerebrospinal fluid, a clear liquid that normally surrounds both the spinal cord and the brain, builds up and collects in the cavities of the brain.

The only reason this baby is alive today is parents who do not give up. People who fight sometimes get a bad rap as being too pushy or too demeaning when they insist on a second opinion or fight back on something that doesn't feel right.

But after seeing the mistakes doctors have made in my own personal life -- one friend's little boy sawed off his finger accidentally and the emergency room insisted that he didn't need a plastic surgeon -- I know better. The mother (my friend) insisted and one was brought in just in the nick of time. Had she not insisted, the finger likely wouldn't have been saved.

So trust that gut, moms and dads! You know your babies. If your doctor says it's nothing, but you know it's something, then insist on having him seen, fight answers you disagree with, and always, always advocate for your child even if you fear being "rude" or "pushy." Baby Klaus is alive today because his parents refused to take no for an answer.

Have you had to fight for your kids' health?

Image via Hydrocephalus Association

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