Baby in Walker Commercial Freaks Me Out

hp happy baby commercialI love babies. I love to see babies in strollers, or at the park up close and in person as much as I love to look at babies in movies or on television. I even love babies in commercials. But I'm a little freaked out about the HP ePrint Happy Baby commercial.

Have you seen it? You know, the one with the "I've got a brand new pair of rollerskates" song? Check it out after the jump ....


I'm guessing a mother didn't create this commercial's storyline. Are you kidding me? Have you ever met a mother who would imagine putting her baby into these kinds of situations?

First we find a baby zooming through the desert and then down a deserted highway. Now the desert isn't so bad, but every time I see that baby going what appears to be very, very fast down a roadway, it makes me cringe. But at least, I think to myself, it's an empty road right? Okay, baby's safe. Phew!

Then we move on to a baby frighteningly close to a stampede, rolling down another freeway, and THEN we find baby cruising next to a gigantic tanker truck before he starts weaving in and out of traffic. Watch out, baby! Why the aggressive driving? Do you have a poopy diaper?

Then we see the baby sail home where an adorable image appears out of a printer. And last but not least, we flash to the scene that starts it all: The baby's parents are taking a photo of the baby. Okay, well that makes sense. I get the concept. Only the baby is sitting, unattended, in a walker, in front of what appears to be a gigantic cliff! 

Now this is one daredevil baby.

What do you think of the commercial?

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