Kids Fly Solo on 'Nanny Air'

child only flight
May I Have an Extra Blankie, Please?
I've just had the most genius idea in the entire universe.

With all of the conflict between children on flights and the irritated child-free, there's been talk about family sections, or child-free flights. Some childless passengers have been pushing airlines to rid the air of (or at least contain) those tiny people who tend to be loud and demanding. Seemingly willing to pay extra for the privilege of not getting a kick from behind, this idea has been embraced by parents as well who are tired of getting the stink eye.

The Frisky thinks everyone needs to grow up and realize that children have to travel too, and to understand most parents want even more than you for their child to chill out.

I agree, but have a better idea: Child-only flights.

Not family-only, child-only. With babysitters instead of flight attendants.


Before anyone decides that I, too, hate kids, know that I'm proposing this idea for all of the people bothered by the babies too. I'm considerate that way. It's just that I don't even want to travel with my little one, so why should anyone else have to? Especially a cranky single person who thinks children should be seen and not heard?

As I've said before, my son is loud and I can't take him anywhere. Before I get lots of flying tips, know that we pack plenty of new toys, snacks, entertainment, and when we can, we fly at nap or bedtime. All of these things worked with my daughter when she was a baby and through toddlerhood. But my son is a maniac. A happy maniac, but a loud, whirlwind of a boy. We've avoided flying with him thus far, but are now planning a family vacation where it is inevitable. I'm dreading it like nobody's business, but if he could fly separately, well, wouldn't that relieve a lot of stress?

But only under professional care of the top nannies in the business, and only with pre-screened pilots for any bad habits or even average-ness. I want a super pilot flying my baby. A Sully, in fact. And I'd be happy to pay more for my baby to arrive on a separate flight, lovingly carried to me at my destination.

Would you?


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