'Artificial Twinning' Is Perfect for Real Housewives

twins"Artificial Twinning" is a term not heard much beyond adoption circles. Though it sounds kind of sci-fi or high-tech, it's really just the act of adopting two children of about the same age (born within nine months of each) from two different families at the same time.

Instant twins!

Nothing against twins, multiples are amazing. There are so many benefits to raising two (or more children) of the same age together -- they always have a companion, the bonding, the ability to "do it all at once," and they're just so damn cute.

But they're also a LOT of work -- double diapers, double feedings, double crying. Who would really be crazy enough to take that on, on purpose?

I'll tell you who ...


People with a lot of help and a lot of money.

People like, say, Camille Grammer from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, who has four nannies for two children. She could easily add a couple more kids and nannies and bank more child support from Kelsey before the divorce is complete.

Teresa Giudice's husband Joe really wants a boy and with four daughters already, twin boys might just even up the sides a little more quickly. But, oh wait, I guess they don't have any money anymore, so they may have to wait.

Seriously though, it does seem like an elitist thing to be able to do when the cost of raising babies is so high. Surely if you're blessed with twins naturally, you find a way to make it work, but only those with the means can choose to do it.

There's also the cost of the adoptions themselves. There are many families who would love to adopt, but can't afford the fees for even one, let alone two.

It also seems just a little bit selfish.

Even for those who can afford to adopt one, the waits are often many years long, so should someone be allowed to sweep in and swoop up two?

Shouldn't others on the list at least get one first?

What do you think of artificial twinning -- sweet or a selfish choice for the wealthy?


Image via photographybyjoelle.com/Flickr

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