Kourtney Kardashian Forced to Defend Co-Sleeping on 'The View'

I was half watching The View the other day and suddenly I heard, "You're getting a lot of flack -- you co-sleep with your son Mason, I don't see anything wrong with it, he's a year old," and the response of, "Yes, I love it."

I look up and see Kourtney Kardashian smiling and nodding, talking to Sherri Shepherd, and it sounded positive ... until Shepherd continues, "... But are you really surprised by the reaction you've been getting from people about sleeping with your son?"

Hold up here, wait, what? The tone, despite her comment that she finds nothing wrong with it, implied that she DID, in fact, think that Kourtney should have been expecting flack. And sadly, that's probably true. She's a celebrity. It comes with the territory.

Kourtney's response, however, was great:


Yeah, I mean, everyone has their opinion to say about everything, but even if I take him outside, from the car into a building, they're like, "It's New York, it must be freezing," and it's like 60 degrees and I'm like, "Relax people" and it was for one second.

She makes a good point. People are always going to make snap-judgements about your parenting, and criticize you, no matter what you do, especially if you're a public figure.

Shepherd then asks her how she handles negative mail and tweets and Kourtney responds:

It's crazy 'cause no matter what you do, someone will say something negative, someone will say something positive ... even I gave him peanut butter and he had an allergic reaction and I rushed him to the hospital, and people were like, "You're not supposed to give peanut butter," and I went back to my baby book that I'm reading that I do his diet by, because I was like, I know I can't be crazy, I read that you could give it, but I went back and it said you can, but there's warnings and doctors say all different times so it's like ...

She was interrupted there, but really, we've all seen this time and time again. The fact right now is that yeah, for years, we've said not to give peanut butter until 3 due to allergies, right? Though that's not the recommendation anymore. I wonder what book she was reading.

Whether you're a celebrity mom or an everyday person without lots of money, people are always going to be telling you that you suck, or rock, no matter what you do. NO MATTER WHAT. So all that's left really is what you and your partner (if you've got one) think. Don't fly by the seat of your pants, of course, but spend time researching and learning about babies, and figure out which path to the healthiest and happiest kid makes the best sense to YOU. I'm talking to Kourtney, too. And when others try to help you out, positive or negative, take it with a grain of salt, but check it out if you're not sure. They might just be a jerk, but they might also be totally right.

You don't need to defend yourself to anyone, and not everyone is out to hurt your feelings, so it's best to just ignore people who you find offensive and go to people who you feel are beneficial to your path to learning and growing as a mom and person. Most importantly, if you know you're doing the best you possibly can, you should never have a reason to even feel guilty or bad, and no one can make you feel that way without your consent. I don't think what we deal with is any different than what Kourtney deals with, but hers is just on a much larger scale. She can blow it off with a smile and shake of the head, and so can anyone. And good for her for handling herself so well on The View.

Remember when Britney almost dropped her baby? LOTS of moms have done that (and didn't have a bodyguard there to catch the baby), but the press used it as one more example of terrible parenting. Yes, there were some pretty crappy things she did do, but the trip up was obviously was just a misstep.

Auntie Kim Kardashian stumbled and broke her toe. *gasp* Better not let her hold Mason or she'll almost drop him too! And then the paparazzi will have more crazy accusations to make: "Was Kim drunk?"

Maybe I'm getting more sympathetic or something, but I'm siding with the moms here.

Do you think celebrities get worse criticism, or do you think there's just a larger volume?


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