Facebook Baby Namer Is Doing It Wrong

mom names baby on facebookA Toronto mom-to-be, Rommy Alpinelli, just couldn't find the perfect name for her baby girl due December 4. So she did what no one in their right mind might do -- paired with a company looking for publicity and tossed out her baby girl's fate to Facebook.

So far Sophia and Melania are in the lead, which means Rommy's hope for a unique name is dashed unless the winner is the one that is also shared by a daughter of a Real Housewife of New Jersey.

I'm thinking even with the potential $40,000 of savings Alpinelli will receive if she follows through with her promise to let the name with the most votes win, this was not what the lady had in mind when she partnered with FabFind to publicize her baby's naming.

I'm also thinking there are much better uses for Facebook when you're about to have a baby. In fact, here are five.

  1. Start signing people up for free babysitting before they know what they're getting into.
  2. Start friending like crazy, because for the next few months, virtual friends are the only ones you'll have time to talk to (unless it's one of those aforementioned babysitter volunteers).
  3. Share breast milk just in case it doesn't work out with that whole breastfeeding thing.
  4. Perfect your photo uploading and sharing and simply answer, "They're on Facebook" every time a pushy family member whines about never seeing pictures of the baby.
  5. Connect with other moms, because no one else is going to understand why poop is so important.

What's your best use for Facebook as a parent?

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