8 Holiday Gifts for Grandma From the Kids

china cabinet braceletYes, Grandma wants a new photo and a new painting from the kids -- always a new photo and a new painting! However, Grandma is super special and deserves a wonderful gift from her grandkids to go along with any cute pics or fingerpainted homemades. Something of beauty, something that feels good, something that makes her feel good inside -- something just like Grandma!

So what oh what are "the kids" going to get her?

We've rounded up 8 unique and lovely gifts for Grandma that will show her just how special she is. Remember, this is the woman that put up with all your crud growing up -- and now not only does she babysit for you every now and then, but she also has to listen to you go on and on about playdate social anxiety, how much sleep you never get, and let's not forget that latest sob-filled tirade when you slipped and said: "You have no idea how hard motherhood can be ...?" Whoops.

So buy her a nice gift, okay?


8 Holiday Gifts for Grandma From the Kids

wool jersey scarf Martha

Wool Jersey Scarf ($50) at Scarf Shop

tea mug cup

Tea Mug ($20) at MoMA Store

china cabinet bracelet

China Cabinet Bracelet ($68) at Anthropologie

butterfly locket

Butterfly Vintage-Inspired Locket ($23) at Marolsha

blossom cocktail napkins green blue

Blossom Cocktail Napkins ($20) at the NYBG Store

vintage seed sachets

Vintage Seed Pack Sachets ($19) from Twine

you are beautiful print

"You Are Beautiful" Print ($20) at Studo Mela

grandparent's journal grandma

Grandparent's Journal ($28) at UncommonGoods

What gift are you buying for Grandma this year?


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