Kourtney Kardashian Gives Peanut Butter to Babies

kourtney kardashian peanut butterHer choice in baby-daddy aside, Kourtney Kardashian just made one of the biggest parenting mistakes one can make with 11-month-old Mason.

Kourtney gave baby Mason peanut butter, and he had what sounds like a pretty severe allergic reaction. Mason threw up, then broke out in hives. When his mom called 911, they advised her to bring him in, and she did. Thankfully everyone acted quickly to avoid what could have been a lethal mistake.

Granted, there are different schools of thought on introducing foods and allergies, and I'm sure we'll hear both sides here in the comments. Regardless, I know very few people who would give a baby under a year old a spoonful of peanut butter.

So what are the latest guidelines for introducing peanut butter?


While the American Academy of Pediatrics has changed its stance on when you can introduce peanut butter due to allergies, it's still considered a choking hazard well into toddler-hood. The allergy scare has actually become less of an issue, as doctors are phasing out the school of thought about avoiding foods like eggs and peanut butter in order to avoid allergies.

What's really important, however, is that your baby cannot chew up peanut butter. Your toddler can't even chew up peanut butter properly until he's closer to 3 years old. It sticks in the throat and can create a much deadlier scenario than the one played out on Kourtney's blog.

You should never give a baby peanut butter -- or peanuts -- simply for the danger of it being a choking hazard. But if you're cooking with peanut butter, or it's added into something pre-made, it's not as big of a deal to wait to introduce to baby. Just be sure you're nearby, or even have an antihistamine ready if either parent has a history of peanut allergy.

Of course Kourtney was right there when Mason threw up and broke out in hives, and was absolutely right to dial 911 and get his allergic reaction under control immediately. Let's just hope she also knows CPR in case Mason were to choke on the dangerous (for babies) substance instead of the hives.

Would you give your baby peanut butter?

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