Black Friday Sales Means Big Savings for New Moms

Black Friday
Our Black Friday budget
looks something like this.
Last year, as Black Friday rolled around, I was six months pregnant. But, crazy as it sounds, I went. Because it was a good way to stock up on baby necessities.

This year, I'll go again.

Obviously, Black Friday madness is no place for a little one, so Kavi will be staying home with Nani-Ma, enjoying the post-Thanksgiving stupor. But no rest for her dad, me, or even Meena Masi. We're going out, and we're on a mission.


Along with a few household items and clothes for my husband (who needs some more fancy pants), we're planning to stock up for Kavi. At 9-months-old, she's got most of what she needs. Still, with crazy deals on baby gear and clothes, Black Friday is a great time to stock up on things she'll need for future reference.

It'll take a bit of guestimating on sizes -- and accepting the fact that she won't be wearing the latest styles next year -- but clearance deals on this season's clothes are a great way to make sure Kavi's set for next winter. She'll be nearly 2 then, and she's running long and lean, so at least I know that much. I already know Macy's will be offering 60 percent off Carter's stuff, which Kavi rocks all the time, and I have a bunch of gift cards that will go to good use.

I'm also hoping to scoop up a bargain on her next car seat. It's just about time for her upgrade -- she'll grow out of it height-wise before does age-wise (or weight-wise), so if we can get a better deal now than a month or two from now, why not? But I think most of the bargain-hunting for this item will happen online, so we can do some thorough research and score a stellar steal on the car seat that seems like the right fit for us.

We've discussed what we need versus what we want, and we've put a spending cap on the day, with a little wiggle room for deals that seem like they're just too good to pass up.

We'll really have to resist the urge to plunk down big bucks on electronics, of course. And I have to admit that I'm really tempted to pick up an Easy Bake Oven from Target ($16.99!). But let's face it, that would be more for me than for Kavya.

Do you think Black Friday lives up to the hype? What's your shopping strategy?


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