New Mom Secret: I Skip Baby Classes

It's hard being a new mom (or even an experienced mom to a new baby) and sometimes we do things we know we shouldn't, despite what all the experts say. But this is a safe place to share your secrets (PM me)—we'll never tell.

This Week's Secret:


A few of my friends and I had our first babies around the same time. As soon as we all gave birth, my friends started enrolling in Mommy and Me classes: baby gymnastics, new mom socials, baby yoga. I never did. They all go on and on about how much it helps their babies, but I really don't want to spend a fortune and deal with classes I think do nothing. Am I hurting my kid? -- Anonymous

I took a bunch of classes after my babies were born, too, but they weren't for the baby.

Sure it was nice to sing songs and learn infant massage and show the babies the fun of parachute time, but really it was for the moms.

We socialized and chatted, commiserated and discussed. That in itself was worth the price of admission.

That said, you don't have to pay a lot to do this stuff. Ask your pediatrician. There are plenty of free new mom groups and singalongs at the library and toy stores that are accessible and usually free.

As a new mom, getting out of the house is key!

Do you have any thoughts for this mom?

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