Facebook Shuns Breastfeeding Yet Again

It's not the first time and I highly doubt it will be the last that Facebook has decided to single out breastfeeding photos to label as "obscene" or "inappropriate," despite allowing much more inappropriate photos of an absolute sexual nature to run rampant.

Women love to show the hypocrisy by compiling overtly sexual pictures compared to some of these so-called offensive photos of nursing babies, and that's just what one woman did on Facebook, and of course, it was deleted.

Not before screenshots of the "offensive" post were taken, though:


I saw this post before it was pulled, so I can personally vouch that this was exactly what was posted. Let me also note that I'm not posting all of the photos that are ALLOWED by Facebook because I'm pretty sure they're inappropriate for The Stir, too. The one that the blog with the screen shots left off was very sexual in nature, with entirely nude bodies ... just barely covering parts that need to be covered to be "appropriate."


What do you think about Facebook's choosing to continually discriminate against nursing moms, while allowing much, much more risque pictures to be displayed?


Images via The Captain's Memo; all blog screenshots via Work That Matters.

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