Facebook Shuns Breastfeeding Yet Again


It's not the first time and I highly doubt it will be the last that Facebook has decided to single out breastfeeding photos to label as "obscene" or "inappropriate," despite allowing much more inappropriate photos of an absolute sexual nature to run rampant.

Women love to show the hypocrisy by compiling overtly sexual pictures compared to some of these so-called offensive photos of nursing babies, and that's just what one woman did on Facebook, and of course, it was deleted.

Not before screenshots of the "offensive" post were taken, though:

I saw this post before it was pulled, so I can personally vouch that this was exactly what was posted. Let me also note that I'm not posting all of the photos that are ALLOWED by Facebook because I'm pretty sure they're inappropriate for The Stir, too. The one that the blog with the screen shots left off was very sexual in nature, with entirely nude bodies ... just barely covering parts that need to be covered to be "appropriate."


What do you think about Facebook's choosing to continually discriminate against nursing moms, while allowing much, much more risque pictures to be displayed?


Images via The Captain's Memo; all blog screenshots via Work That Matters.

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beane... beanerbecky

That makes me want to delete my account but I won't since Facebook is the only way I keep in touch with some people. That first one, you can't really even tell he's laying on a boob. I "liked" you on Facebook so your stories usually show up in my newsfeed. This one didn't.

jacki... jackiesmom72

Aw, come on, why didn't you show the picture of the naked woman tied up with the other woman shoving...oh, yeah, guess that's not appropriate for here, huh?

I saw this post on FB too and it disgusted me.  I am a proponent of breastfeeding, but I have never been the type of person to speak out aggressively or get my knickers in a twist when people get asked to stop or cover up or whatever.  To each his own level of comfort is what I've gone by.  But this was completely ridiculous and, honestly, a bit confusing.  How could those pictures that you didn't include possibly be acceptable?  The ones you did post are clearly in bad taste and show more than the breastfeeding pictures do, but they don't technically cross the line to obscene or pornographic.  But there is no way in hell the breastfeeding pictures could possibly be considered out of line.

Who exactly do they have in charge of deciding what is acceptable and what is not?  A 17 year old boy?  *eye roll*

RanaA... RanaAurora

So you saw it too, Jackiesmom! I was appalled that that picture was allowed by Facebook!

beanerbecky, it's up now. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for my fanpage to catch up with the posts here.  :)

Melan... MelanieLouise

Becky, it shows up, just not immediately. Somebody has to post both of them, ya know? It's not all computer generated. :)

I've had a couple breastfeeding pictures removed, because somebody FLAGGED them. Someone on my friends list. I make my pictures private now, so only my friends can see them, and I haven't had a problem. It's not that FB just does it for fun, it's that people are flagging the pictures, and I think a lot of it is automatic.

sweet... sweetheart1985

I too saw the post and applauded her for posting it.

I'm just going to come out and saying. Facebook. You're freaking STUPID. DUMB. IDIOTIC. I'd use bigger words, but I don't think their Neanderthal brains could comprehend them.

Seriously. It's absurd the things they'll allow. Beyond absurd. 

Those stupid boys should be ashamed of themselves... anyone else feel like calling their mothers??

sweet... sweetheart1985

**come out and say it.

Sorry. I think some of their stupid rubbed off on me..

Kimberly Virga

So disturbing... really. I mean, I feel like I say this at least once a week, but this is EXACTLY what I have been talking about- women are allowed to show their breasts, bodies, pretty much anything, so long as it's degrading and completely negative and over sexualized. GOD FORBID we show a woman breastfeeding. This goddamn country is so backwards I want to throw up. And I would totally delete my FB as well but it is the only way I keep in touch with people. But shame on FB.

ankle... anklebitr

I wonder though, is the bondage picture still up on facebook?  (that was the only one I really found offensive. 

Check out this page though


I reported a picture once. It was frontal nudity shot of a man with an erection.  After a while I went to look for it and the picture was gone. 

I still don't think it is an issue of Facebook picking on nursing moms as much as it is an issue with people reporting pictures.  I assume once a picture gets reported it goes to a moderator who uses his or her own judgement in removing the picture.  (just an assumption I don't know how it works). 


I remember this ^^ page.  I wish I would have taken a screen shot of the conversation.  The picture used to be of a naked woman.  Just naked though, nothing suggestive or pornographic.  Anyhow, you should have seen some of the comments from some of the breastfeeding moms (not you Christie) :D. 

"Reported"  "Degrading" (in context of the photograph)  So, of course the naked woman picture was removed. 

 I know they were breastfeeding moms because there were complaints that "photos like this remain untouched while breastfeeding pictures get taken down.  I think their double standards about a double standard was more offensive (to me) than facebook removing a photo.


Xakana Xakana

I saw the picture and this post, too. Freaking egads. Facebook sucks sometimes.

jacki... jackiesmom72

It may not be FB picking on nursing moms, which you're probably right in that other people are flagging the pictures, but they need to get some people with more common sense as to what would be considered offensive or pornographic.  Or maybe more clear guidelines as to what should be allowed and what shouldn't.  That would probably help matters.  Because you're never going to get people to agree 100% with each other as to what's offensive and what's not, but I think the pictures above are pretty obvious examples of the extremes, you know?

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