Do You Have Your Hanukkah Onesie Yet?

hanukkah onesiesNothing says "festival of lights" like an adorable baby dressed in a Hanukkah onesie. This year Hanukkah is sneaking right up on the chosen people, and you'd better be ready.

December 1 through 9 is when you break out the menorah, share some songs, and spin the dreidel. No one is too young to celebrate, so be sure you have an outfit on hand.

Here's a onesie for every night to celebrate the season.





That's how you start the party! Channel a little Jimmy Morrison (not a son of Moses, but a kindred spirit) and let the good times roll!

hanukkah onesiesA hand-sewn dreidel onesie with a ruffle bottom ($16.50) will wow everyone around the menorah.

hanukkah onesiesIt may be his first, but it won't be his last! Personalize your baby's outfit ($13.99) and give it a twirl.

hanukkah onesiesSay your gal loves her some Hanukkah, but also enjoys Disneyland ($12). And hey, who doesn't? Here's your perfect combo in a onesie!

hanukkah onesiesSure you're really just showing off, but how often does baby get to dress in sparkles and a tutu ($34.99) to celebrate that massive defeat by the Maccabees?

hanukkah onesiesWhose first Hanukkah is it? It's your first Hanukkah ($10)! The pink dreidel for girls is a nice touch.

hanukkah onesiesSo you like Hanukkah, but you also enjoy the mosh pit. Here's the onesie for you, kiddo ($16).

hanukkah onesiesGive up the gelt for Jillian! Another way to personalize and advertise your first Hanukkah ($18).


Images (top to bottom): CafePress, Etsy, So Chic Boutique, Etsy, ArtFire, Etsy, ComfiCozi, Etsy

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