Cribs From the Future!

If you're looking for the most modern, high-fashion nursery, look no further than Baby Suommo for some of the most awesome, unique, futuristic designs.

The crib and bassinet both have soundless, multidirectional wheels (with brakes), and both come with a hypoallergenic and antimicrobial mattress and sheet set, comforter, and pillow, and the whole thing is lined with silk. Silk!

All have unique ventilation as well to help keep air flowing around the baby.

Talk about luxury! The rest of the collection is no less impressive. 


This is the Dodo bassinet, which looks like a super-cozy little egg:

The Nexus dresser looks pretty awesome, and the drawers even have built-in dividers. I can't help but see the neat little cubby-holes on the side as foot-holds for a climbing toddler though.

The Moveo looked like you could rock it on it's own, but it's got wheels just like the rest.

The Grand Sonno is their ultimate option. Initially a crib, it can then transform into a bed, desk, or free arrangement of four shelves.

Unless you have a big budget, don't get your hopes up -- this luxury line costs what you think, though, as the Dodo bassinet is a little over $8,000. Ouch.

What's your favorite piece?


Images via BabySuommo

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