What Do Babies & Stoners Have in Common?

bob marley babyLots of fascinating baby news around the web this week. From schooling yourself on adoption to enjoying a baby Rasta -- here are some baby links I'm loving.

November is National Adoption Month and Shannon LC Cate dispels 10 adoption misconceptions you all might believe. As a mom who went through the process, you should take her word on it. Compelling myths busted: Birth mothers are all teenagers and they hate girls in China. -- BlogHer

With the introduction of the idea of making circumcision illegal in San Francisco, Lil' Sugar put together an informative article and slideshow about how to decide whether to circumcise your baby boy or not. Vote at the end to see how your decision jibes with the other readers. -- Lil' Sugar

At first this baby looks just like mine as he gets strapped into his car seat -- which is not cool. Then, Bob Marley saves the day. You have to see this chillaxing baby to believe ...  in the power of reggae. -- Care2


Image via stylinonline

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