Stoner Music Calms Baby Without the Pot

Bob MarleyWe've all been there with a fussy, cranky baby who just won't calm down no matter what you do, until you find that one magic key to finally make the incessant noise STOP!

Be it a pacifier or a bribe, it feels like you've finally unlocked a little kingdom of relief.

For one baby, that key seems to be ... stoner music. Yes, right in the middle of a screaming fit, the music of Bob Marley chills him out like ... well, like marijuana might an adult who tokes up.

Check out this video in which the "demon child" is cured by the power of reggae.



Now that should have been an advertisement for Proposition 19. It just might have actually passed if it had been.

Hysterical, and it's funny how early children's musical tastes form.

Country music was the key with my son -- the THREAT of it anyway. He hated anything with a twang from the time he was an infant.

I'd turn it on, he'd cry. At first I thought it was a coincidence, but it quickly became clear he just couldn't stand it. Threatening him with having to listen to it was one of my best tricks to get him to behave.

On the other hand, if you gave him some house music, he was all smiles, head a bobbin'.

I can't say it ever occurred to me to play any Bob Marley for my children, but if you have a fussy kid, it can't hurt to try.

What quirky things calm your baby down?

Image via Scumfrog/Flickr

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