Coughing Babies Need Cute Humidifiers

Dragon HumidifierI think my pediatrician told me that the average infant has 8 to 10 colds before his or her second birthday. If that's true, then my child is definitely not your average baby because I swear he's had 8 to 10 colds back-to-back over the past three months!

All right, he hasn't actually had 10, but it really seems like he has because when he gets sick, he is miserable and doesn't eat or sleep as well. 

There is a terrible cold and cough going around right now and I'm doing everything I can to help him get a good night's rest. That means it's time to dust off the humidifier. A humidifier is the best defense I've found to help ease congestion and soothe the nighttime cough that terrorizes the whole family.

Cold and flu season is here. Are you ready? If not, read on -- we've found 5 humidifiers that will not only help your baby sleep at night, but spruce up your nursery as well:


Animals are a natural addition to any nursery and technically, dragons are animals too, right? I love this smiling dragon humidifier ($45.99), but if dragons are too scary for you, be sure to browse the selection. You can find a baby chick, polar bear, spotted leopard, or an elephant complete with trunk. 

Castle Humidifier

Your little princess will be thrilled to find this Disney Castle humidifier ($74.99) in her room. It's one of the more pricey options for a humidifier, but it also comes with a built-in night light.

 Sesame Street Humidifier

It's a fact that babies love Elmo. Now Elmo can keep your baby company with this cool-mist humidifier ($29.98).

Thomas HumidifierThomas is indeed a very useful engine -- when he doubles as a humidifier ($39.98) for the nursery. If you have a Thomas-themed nursery, this is for you.   

Drop Humidifier

If you prefer a more stylish look, check out this very sleek and modern humidifier ($49.99) that would be perfectly at home in any baby's room.

Do you have a humidifier for your baby's nursery? What do you do to help your baby sleep during the dreaded cold and flu season? 


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