Sarah Jessica Parker Setting Spiky Baby Hair Trend

Marion and Tabitha BroderickGet out the gel, spiky baby hair is all the rage according to these pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker's twins.

Marion and Tabitha Broderick were seen sporting the trendy 'dos while out for some playtime at the park with Parker.

Dressed in cute but comfy attire, it was clear the 15-month-olds were there to play, NOT for a fashion show. Their hair was the only statement piece they needed.

So how did Parker create such edgy 'dos? Or was it the work of a team of professional stylists every trendy mom of tots needs to track down?


Nope, just a blowout the old-fashioned way -- the wind.

They started the day with smooth locks until the wind and playing took hold.

The result is adorable, and can't you just see hordes of parents swarming out in search of hair products to try and replicate the look?

Many don't have to try, as baby hair can be so funny. Sometimes all the product in the world can't tame it.

Check out this little girl:

crazy baby hair


My daughter would have been right on trend as she had a huge mess of black hair that stuck out every which way when she was a baby. The best I could do was stick a bow in it and call it good. I'm happy to report that it did in fact calm down, and today as a toddler she has some pretty lovely locks.

Chances are, even if your baby's wild hair drives you crazy, it will be temporary, so you might as well embrace it. Just say it's the latest thing from Hollywood if anyone questions it.

So here's to babies with crazy hair ... just as long as it's real. That means NO baby toupees!

Does your baby have crazy hair? Do you fight it or embrace it?

Images via Splash News, honey-bee/Flickr


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