Would You Want More Than One Bio-Daddy?

spermWhen babies are born, it's pretty common for them to look so much like their fathers that you'd think their mothers were hardly even in the room when they were conceived. Supposedly, that's so fathers will acknowledge the child is theirs and take care of it.

But in some traditional Amazonian societies, "who's the daddy" was a much more open question without one answer. They believed in the idea of multiple paternity, that babies were created (out of accumulated semen, eewwww) from all the various men a mother had sex with.


These "secondary fathers" were considered important people in the child's life and were believed to have contributed some of the child's characteristics. They would act as father figures to the children and help support them.

There would be some advantages in having more than one bio-dad for your kids. You certainly wouldn't get bored if you were having sex constantly with whoever happened by, especially if all those dudes would be helping you raise the baby. And let's face it, not everything about our partner is perfect. Maybe having a bunch of bio-dads could be fun; the smart one could help with homework, the jock could show them how to throw a ball, the nice one would show them how to make friends.

On the other hand, one husband is more than enough to deal with sometimes, and there's a lot to be said for the cozy family unit.

What do you think? Would you like your baby to have multiple fathers?


Image via SantaRosa OLD SKOOL/Flickr

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