Do You Have Some Breast Milk to Spare?

I know we've all seen the cash for gold commercials, likely ad nauseum. We get it. Sell gold, make an enormous profit. You can also sell blood, semen, eggs, and pawn all sorts of stuff. When you're broke, these things rock.

What if you could sell your breast milk?

We all know babies thrive best on breast milk, preemies especially, but there are reasons where it's not an option, and milk banks not only don't get enough funding or advertisement, but the milk can be really expensive. For you moms who have enough milk, would you sell it if you could?

Consider this hilarious video for "Cash 4 Breast Milk":


With the oversupply I created from nursing and pumping constantly when Rowan was a baby, I could have made a fortune!

But there is a serious note I wanted to address here ... for the lives breast milk can save, there isn't enough donor milk out there, nor is it accessible for a lot of people. Did you know that there are only 11 milk banks in North America? That is not enough.

There is a large movement, especially in Canada, to build a lot more milk banks. In America, if WIC used only 10 percent of their budget on milk banks instead of formula, to get milk for moms who want breast milk instead, they would still be putting out over $390,000,000 a year toward milk banks.

We need it. Babies need it. It is imperative to survival and lifelong health. Because there is such a shortage of milk banks, a lot of organizations have cropped up to help moms get milk they desperately need for their babies. It's often shunned because not all organizations have the facilities or money to pasteurize milk, but a lot do tests on the milk itself before passing it on. There are also groups set up so you can contact other moms directly to help.

One group that is rising fast is Eats on Feets, who are dedicated to getting breast milk to moms who need it -- at no cost to the mother. They are strictly against selling of breast milk because this is about the babies -- not profit.

To find a local chapter in your area, whether you want to donate, need donor milk, or are just interesting in getting for more info, check out Spread the word too. Donor milk saves lives, and has for centuries. Let's help moms get it!

Have you ever donated your breast milk?


Image via found_drama/Flickr

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