Tricks to Keep Baby Weight Off During the Holidays

CandyIt's hard enough to lose baby weight. I know. Between trying to squeeze in time to exercise and finding the energy to shop, cook, and clean up after making a healthy meal, it can be soooo much easier to skip lunch altogether and grab a couple of chocolate bars or a sugary fix from the Halloween stash. But listen carefully: DON'T DO THAT!

I know you have a lot on your mind right now taking care of a baby, but don't forget that Halloween was just the beginning of this trifecta of treat time -- you still need to get through Thanksgiving and Christmas and/or Hanukkah!

Take it from me, it's no fun to find yourself struggling with your clothes in January and feeling like a stuffed sausage in your jeans. If you are working on shedding a few unwanted pounds, here are some tips to keep your baby weight loss on track through the holiday season:  


1. Don't keep candy or tempting snacks in the house: Take leftover Halloween candy to work or to a friend's house and get rid of it. Don't buy cookies or chips. If they aren't in the house, you won't have to battle temptation to pop them in your mouth.

2. Make healthy substitutions: Instead of making chocolate fudge for friends and neighbors during the holidays, try substituting chocolate dipped pretzels or apricots.

3. Don't skip meals: Stick to your routine even as holiday events and obligations pile up. Skipping lunch pretty much guarantees you'll be making poor choices and inhaling everything in sight by dinner time. 

4. Don't drink too many calories: Holiday parties mean more food AND drinks. Enjoy yourself, but don't forget to account for all the calories in your cocktail glass. 

5. Exercise! If you have a regular schedule, don't let it slide. If you don't have a routine, incorporate a short walk or a fitness DVD when you can. Some exercise is still better than none at all.

Do you think it's hard to keep from over-indulging during the holidays? What is your biggest temptation?  


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