The Coolest Stroller You've Ever Seen

Roller BuggyIt's a stroller. It's a scooter. It's the Roller Buggy, and it's beyond cool.

I may have another baby just so I can justify buying one. 

While it can be just your average stroller when necessary, there's also a retractable foot board that transforms it into a scooter for a quick, zippy ride. You steer the thing just by leaning left or right -- like you would a skateboard.

Imagine the uses -- at the airport when running to catch a plane, long walks at amusement parks, trips to the grocery ... and what great exercise too.

Check out it in action:


Talk about raising an adrenaline junkie. Can you imagine coasting down some of the big hills in your hood?

Of course, the first thoughts that come to mind are safety, which has to come before the cool factor.

But it does claim to have some pretty powerful brakes, and I'd be willing to strap one on my kid to get to use this thing. It also doesn't seem much different from riding a bike with a baby on board.

Designed by Valentin Vodev of Pixstudio, it's only a prototype at this point, but here's to hoping it goes into production soon!

Would you buy a stroller that also serves a scooter?

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