Winterize Your Baby From Head to Toe

winter wear for babies toddlersWith the first snows hitting the U.S. this weekend, it's time to prepare the littlest ones for the winter weather. You don't want to be trapped indoors, plus there are snow angels to be made!

Some of the best winter items this season combine serious warmth with serious style. I've found 4 fabulous unisex options that you can pass down to the next baby, no matter what. These winter wonders will get your baby outside, where he will soon be the talk of the neighborhood.

Wrap 'em up in these flashy picks from top to bottom:


Stonz Booties

For the new walkers, you want to keep their feet warm and dry. (Especially important because the littlest ones can't tell you if they're getting frost bite.) Stonz lets you cover up any boot, shoe, or bare tootsie with a plethora of cute designs ($42.95). The waterproof shoe cover is also wind resistant, fleece-lined, and rubber-soled. Your baby's feet will stay warm, dry, and stylish all season. Even more impressive, I was sent a pair to wrap around my baby's toes and he didn't manage to kick them off even at the highest speeds.

winter wear for babies toddlersColumbia Snow Suit

For serious snow bunnies, who also want to look stylish, this snow suit from Columbia ($74.95) will do the best job of keeping the cold, wet, and snow out and making your baby look fancy while doing it. Even your crawler could get hours of fun in the elements while wearing this lumberjack jacket and bib snow pants.

winter wear for babies toddlersAppaman Puffy Down Coat

As soon as you lay eyes on it, you'll be coveting this Appaman puffy down coat ($95). This is the coat to have if you live in it six months out of the year. Otherwise, you should plan on having multiple children to pass it down and make this unisex option last. Still, how cute is this???



winter wear for babies toddlersWaldorf Wool Longies & Hat

It's impossible to choose just one adorable hat once you start browsing on Etsy. But this elfin hat fits the bill for warmth and style ($30 for both). Another item you'll be passing down, as your littlest one is least likely to lose this hat that is secure without strings that can come undone or find their way into your baby's mouth. The longies are a warm bonus in case snow pants aren't needed and your baby is out in the dry cold.


Images (top to bottom): Stonz, REI, Estella, Etsy

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