Giving Your Baby Grown-up Food

photo by loriec

Would you give your baby steak? How about Twinkies? Making the decision on when to start giving your baby solid foods (and what to start giving them) can be a stressful one. I wanted to put off giving my daughter solid food for as long as I could. She could choke! Be allergic! Get constipated! But after she kept grabbing food from my plate, I knew she wanted real food and she wanted it bad. And so our daily adventures in feeding began ...


I'm still struggling with what I should feed her and how much to give her so I was really interested this recent New York Times article "Momma, I'll Have Some of Whatever You're Having." It's all about how these parents simply mash up whatever they've made themselves for dinner and feed it to their 7-month-old girl. They give her everything from pasta Bolognese to sole Milanese. Mmmm ... maybe I can get them to cook for me! Check out the article. I'd love to hear what you think.

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