Baby Falls From Window Then Magic Happens

French Baby
Fronchies love their babies.
Babies fall out of windows. It happens. It's not good. I'm going to tell you the story of a Parisian baby who fell out a window, seven stories down, and bounced off an awning.

Let me front-load this article with the information that this baby is fine, not dead, and completely unhurt, because there is nothing I hate more than being blindsided with details of a maimed or murdered infant.
Now the magic of the story is what happened next ... after the awning bounce.


According to the Guardian UK, the 15-month-old girl was alone with her 4-year-old sister when she tumbled out of a window. Okay not good, but perhaps this is how they do it in France?! Below the window was a café, though. With an awning. The café’s owner said it was unusual for him to have the awning open, because people throw their cigarette butts into it and he’s afraid it’ll catch fire.

But the awning was open that day. And a doctor was out with his son, who saw the baby fall and alerted his dad -- who ran, arms outstretched, and caught her like a football.
I’m telling you, the French -- they do absolutely everything with style. Does this mean Paris is magically whimsical, or does everything there just sound that way?
Who was the real hero here? The awning? Or the doctor?

Image via Chargrillkiller/Flickr

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