Baby Bay Watch, Breastfeeding & Bouncy Babies

baby hasselhoffBaby news is all over the map today, with these wacky, insightful, and amazing baby links I am loving:

Ever wonder what a baby David Hasselhoff looks like? Before the beach, booze, and German babes? Check out this promo to get an idea of how the Hoff was just born awesome. -- MomLogic

A magic baby fell 7 stories in Paris, bounced up on an awning, and was caught by a doctor. The doctor examined the 18-month-old and gave him a clean bill of health. I feel like the luckiest baby in the world should probably get a new set of parents, as he was left alone with a sibling and managed to launch himself out of a window. -- KTLA

Dr. Heather tells a mom-to-be who had a horrible time trying to nurse her first baby to relax. Sure to start yet another boob war, she still reminds us that a happy mother = happy baby. You can be pro-breastfeeding, and still be pro-sanity. -- Baby Shrink

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