Turkey Day Giggle (Gobble): 5 Funny Thanksgiving Bibs

Thanksgiving is a holiday all about eating (and giving thanks), and for babies, it's also a great day to make a big mess.

Cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and sweet potatoes make quite a crazy combo once a baby digs into them. They also look awful messy smooshed onto your baby's new Thanksgiving dress.

And that is where the bib comes in. If there is one thing every baby needs, it's a good bib. Thanksgiving bibs come in a variety of themes, from the hilarious to the sweet, but for our purposes, we will focus on the funny.

Because I guarantee, after dad's had a couple beers and mom's thrown some zingers our way, laughter is going to be the thing we need most.

Here are Five Funny Thanksgiving Bibs:


What's a good Thanksgiving message beyond giving thanks? Stuff yourself! This one is available for $12 from Cafe Press and makes a strong statement. "Gobble till you wobble," indeed!

This one is for the jaded baby who has seen it all. "It's my first Thanksgiving, yeah, yeah, yeah, just give me some turkey and some football." All right, then! $12 at Cafe Press.

Dorks like my scientist husband will get a big kick out of this one, also from Cafe Press for $12. "Sweet as Pumpkin Pi" Get it?! Pi? 3.14 blah, blah. Hilarity!

This one is both sweet and funny. A personalized bib offers a little touch of class, but the "I'm Stuffed" makes you laugh. This one is $12.95 from Sears.

This one is by far my personal favorite because it actually did make me laugh out loud. If you've ever wondered why your baby won't go down when the rest of you are sleepy from tryptophan, this could be the reason. This bib is $12 from Cafe Press:


Happy Turkey Day!

Would you buy any of these?



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