Your Baby's Foreskin Makes You Pretty & Heals Burns


Regardless of your stance on circumcision, some people choose to have it done, and that isn't a debate I'm interesting in getting into for the billionth time. But what I do want to talk about is where those foreskins go.

Unlike a lot of things, they're generally not tossed out with medical waste, and sometimes you even sign a release form for the selling of the skin when you consent to the circumcision (and you read the paper before you signed it so you know that, right?).

So, where exactly do these foreskins go?

First, you have to understand why they're used at all. Like embryonic stem cells, not all cells are fully "dedicated" or haven't fully developed their identifying proteins, meaning they haven't quite decided for good what they want to be when they grow up and therefore are much more versatile. This means that they can be used to help cultivate skin and skin byproducts (like collagen) with very little chance of rejection.

So with those foreskins, or more accurately, the fibroblasts from the cells of the foreskin, collagen can be lab-created, and where do you put collagen? On your face! Penis wrinkle cream, anyone? Oprah's beloved SkinMedica product? Yup! Foreskins! One foreskin can be used for decades to grow thousands of fibroblasts.

Another use for foreskins is to create bio-skin grafts for burn victims and ulcers and other large-area open wound sites. Apligraf and TransCyte are two well-known products that use embryonic or foreskin fibroblasts for creation of their bio-skin. One of the biggest risks for burn victims is entry of infection or stress to the body from the large open wound -- adding a temporary or even permanent real skin "band-aid" has shown amazing results in not only reducing complications and recovery time, but in even saving the lives of burn victims who otherwise had a very good likelihood of dying. It's used for open ulcers much in the same way, giving the body a live cell band-aid that it easily accepts.

A third use is cosmetic testing -- rather than using animals, a lot of companies pay thousands of dollars for one foreskin to begin replicating to perform their cosmetic tests on. Not only does this give much more accurate results since it's human skin, but it saves the lives of normally tortured animals. They also have discovered they can use "sick" skin the same way, replicating the sickness to help create formulas for specific sensitive skin types.

There's a lot of argument whether or not the whole promotion of benefits of circumcision, even proposed prophylatic benefits, is actually just a conspiracy to make money from the sales of foreskin. Arguments have also been made that that the foreskin should only be taken from still-birth infants, but again the arguments of "mutilation" and conspiracy of profit arise. But with all the amazing technology and lives saved and bodies healed from the unique cells a single foreskin can create, there's got to be a good common ground somewhere.

What do you think about foreskins being used to create bio-skin technology?


Image via Apligraf

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ethan... ethans_momma06


Hmmm your response implies that you think people think circumcision is cool. Since you quoted cool, and I am the only person who used that term, let me be clear. Apparently you lack the reading comprehension to understand what I am saying, or you are trying to twist is to fit your own agenda (and I simply can't believe that someone would intentionally do that, can I?).

I said it is 'kinda... cool' to know that the already circumcised foreskin is put to a good use, or beneficial use, or OTHER use then simply being discarded. That is not weighing in on my personal feelings regarding the practise but rather taking a practical look at the.. 'aftermath' of the procedure. People get circumcised, period. That's a fact. It's also a fact that the foreskin is 'left over'. So, instead of it just being tossed aside, yes it's kinda cool (or nice, or whatever the hell terminology you want to use that is PC and means 'interesting in a positive way') to know what uses it goes to.

I certainly never said that circumsicion is cool.

nonmember avatar Jack


That is quite an ignorant thing to say no? I mean you really do not know what you are talking about. That you son likes his cut penis is meaningless. I am happy for him, but why would it be any other way? That cut men get pleasure is not the point.

While male circumcision may not take away a man's sexual pleasure completely, it does remove a very large amount of potential pleasure. C.J. Fallier wrote in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1979, that "…the fundamental biological sexual act becomes, for the circumcised male, simply the satisfaction of an urge and not the refined sensory experience it was meant to be."

Would you be happy to take away his color sight? I think you might be if everyone else did it and if you only saw in black and white yourself! You gave your son the gift of nerve damage and sensory system damage and you are delighted about it. To be happy that your child will have less NATURAL pleasure and joy in their life -- YIKES!

I am so happy I had a nice mom that wanted me to have all of MY body and all of the natural pleasure I was born with.

Jennefer Johnson

I think it's sad. Poor little babies first experiences with their penises are feeling the pain of the circumcision and then continued pain of a raw area trying to heal. For what? Vanity? Zenophobia? And then to use the skin for more vanity? But whatever floats their boats... as long as they don't start cutting babies TO make wrinkle cream, and just use medical waste, I think it's ethical, but gross. Sort of like blood money, only pain beauty.

Maris... MarisaC655

Thinking it is a good idea that discarded foreskins are used in cosmetics without any concern for where they come from is like having no concern for where your eggs or coffee come from. (I could use a stronger analogy involving soap, but let it pass.)

nonmember avatar Zen

Does the owner of the penis get to pocket the profit made from something that belonged to HIS body? Its immoral to steal from parts from someone's body. Its especially immoral to not only steal body parts but to sell the stolen body parts for a profit! Since when did selling someone else's healthy organs (yes, the prepuce organ is an organ!) become an "ethical" thing to do?

nonmember avatar Tom Tobin

You guys who are OK with your circumcisions have absolutely no idea what a whole penis feels like. Just imagine the wonderful feeling, but with triple the intensity. Don't take my word for it. Find a video on the net, of an uncut man seeking his solo pleasure, and listen to his breathing.
What an amazing country America is. Removing the clitoral foreskin is a felony. Removing the male foreskin is considered a good idea.
Given a choice, what man would put his hand up and say, "I'd like half the skin of my penis, and two thirds of its nerves removed, please". It is simply unethical to remove a healthy body part from an unconsenting, underage person. We wouldn't stand for it, if it was any other part. Why do we let our ethics lapse, because it is a male foreskin?
No wonder the Europeans think there is something wrong with our medical community, and the population in general.
I don't care if the foreskin was used to cure blindness. It belongs to someone else.
That is called stealing.

Michelle Richardson

Does the owner of the penis get to pocket the profit made from something that belonged to HIS body? Its immoral to steal from someone's body. Its especially immoral to not only steal body parts but to sell the stolen body parts for a profit! Since when did selling someone else's healthy organs (yes, the prepuce organ aka foreskin is an organ!) become an "ethical" thing to do?

ethan... ethans_momma06

Tom Tobin-

" Find a video on the net, of an uncut man seeking his solo pleasure, and listen to his breathing."

I'm sorry, but SERIOUSLY? That has to be one of the most ridiculous and unscientific things I have EVER read. And I would also like to point out that plenty of males DO know what a 'whole' penis feels like as circumcision is hardly limited to infants. And I dare say that they are still for the procedure.

nonmember avatar equal


I was circumcised, or more aptly mutilated, as an infant. I fully and whole heartedly object to forced genital cutting, like that which i was subjected to. But, because its already happened, does that mean that I have to just accept what i was left with? Does that mean that for the rest of my life my glans, which are an internal organ mind you, will be exposed? Should I just be ok with the fact that thousands of nerves and multiple erogenous tissues have been literally amputated from my body without medical need? Have the women who say, "oh i don't think it should be called mutilation" experienced what i have? Are you going to honestly say to me as i look at the scars up down and around my penis that I have not been wronged by this outdated and oppressive procedure?

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to all those with enough common sense to be against non-consentual genital cutting - Regardless of their sex.

nonmember avatar kalmmom

@Jack - I can say what I want as my kids Dad is an uncut man, it was a mutual decision to have our children circ'd. He grew up hating having to deal with the extra skin and has found that several women he has been with do not like the fact that he is uncut. He doesn't go on and on about the benefits of extra nerve endings or pleasure sensors, all he ever says is that it feels better when the skin is pulled back. I have been with men who are cut and they seem to be just as happy with their end result as well - which was the point behind my comment that my son was quite pleased with his cut penis - meaning he is much like all boys and men and is in love with having his hands on his self and down his pants at every given chance. And you show me a pre-teen or teenage boy or even a grown man for that matter that wouldn't be happy - cut or uncut - with just having something to hump and then I will take back what I said. I am happy with my decision to circ my kids - I was being SARCASTIC in my response as this entire article was about the fact that foreskins were being used for other medical things such as skin grafts for burn victims - which I find to be incredible and hope that such advances in medicine can continue to be made.

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