Kendra Wilkinson Has a Clear Plan for Number Two

Kendra Wilkinson -- former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, star of Girls Next Door and Playboy, and mother to little Hank Baskett IV, who is 10 months old -- has a plan for her second baby.

She’s going to be like a Shiloh (Jolie-Pitt). She’s going to be a tomboy. She’s going to be out there rolling around in the dirt.

Meanwhile her hubby -- Hank Baskett -- wants a girly girl, a "princess."

Both members of the couple better prepare themselves: they may get neither. Having expectations like that, especially ones that are complete gender stereotypes -- "I want a tomboy!"; "I want a princess!" -- is just setting yourself up for disappointment.

All children are individuals.


All new parents probably walk into the job with some idea of what they want. But soon enough, we figure out that we don't get to choose.

Wilkinson, of course, is famous for her tomboy ways. She is very into sports, cheers for all her favorite teams, and wears jerseys.

As a kid, she says she loved sports even then. So her desire for a "tomboy" might make sense. But be careful what you wish for!

Kendra's truck-loving son may want to wear his sister's princess rings while her frilly, pink daughter wants to roll around in the mud and sit in the sandbox. Embrace both! Most children aren't one gender stereotype or another. They are a beautiful mix of things that make them individual.

It's entirely possible that Kendra will get her tomboy and Hank will get his "princess" both in the same child! Is that really such a radical notion?

A girl who might like sports can still be hot (see Kendra) and girly, and a girl who likes frills and pink isn't automatically a "girly-girl frou frou."

My guess is that once Kendra's (imaginary) girl arrives, she will see it, too.

Do you have idea about how you want your boy or girl to be?


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