Storming the IRS & Crying About It: The Best in Baby

cry it outSome heated issues got everyone hot and bothered and clicking this week in baby.

Sasha let us in on a disturbing fact. The IRS deems a breast pump as not medically necessary, and therefore no tax breaks will be given even as acne medication and astroturf for allergies gets a pass. She wasn't the only one upset about this, as almost a hundred of you weighed in on this anti-working mom decision.

Michele had four moms battle it out over crying it out. And the rest of you battled it out in comments as well! Do you think all that fighting is making the babies cry more?

Christie called for the rejection of Babywise, the anti-Sears parenting book. Most of you seconded and rejected. A few, however, got behind the Ezzo's schedule.

Image via kelli0585/CafeMom

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