Did Farmville on Facebook Kill This Baby?


If you thought Farmville on Facebook was annoying when it merely dominated your news feed, wait until you hear the story of the mom who killed her 3-month-old baby over it.

Farmville, as far as I can tell, is all about  aquiring virtual chickens and planting virtual rows of corn, but the game took a turn for the sinister this past year when 22-year-old Alexandra V. Tobias, a mom in Jacksonville, Florida, shook her 3-month-old son to death because he was crying and interrupting her game.

Sick, sick, sick.

And the sickest part of all? I kind of get it.

Obviously I don't get the part where she shook her baby. That is insane and inexcusable. But I do get the addiction part. I think Facebook -- and the Internet in general -- is highly addictive. But especially the games.

There have been times where my kids interrupt me on Facebook and I am momentarily actually annoyed with them, but then I never played Mafia Wars or Farmville and I am usually smart enough to not snap or otherwise act like a fool, but I can see how someone who was younger or who had less self-control or who was more addicted might snap.

Being a parent is hard and we parents are probably more susceptible to these kinds of addictions because so much of our social life is conducted online. There is no defense for a woman who would hurt her child over something as trivial as Farmville, but I do believe it is possible, when coupled with other issues as well.

Was Farmville responsible for this baby's death? Of course not. The mother was. But her addiction played a role and highlights the importance of real social interaction for moms. Go to the park. Go to a playgroup. Get out of the house. Tell people about your bad days and discuss your triumphs. This is the social interaction you need.

My thoughts are with that poor baby boy. What a heartbreaking story.

Do you think Farmville played a role in this baby's death?


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Beths... Bethsunshine

I think the mother is a selfish piece of crap who didn't deserve to have a baby in the first place.

Emmy_... Emmy_Dollface

If it wasn't Farmville, it would have been something else. She obviously was not ready to be a parent in any form.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Farmville didn't do this her lack of coping mechanisms did this. She clearly had some serious issues postpartum psychosis. My middle child was 3 weeks old when I went back to school and he was soo hard to deal with but if I had to get something done I would put him in his crib let him cry it out if nothing else worked. This is horrible that poor baby trusted her and she failed him or her. I can't imagine that!

nonmember avatar donk

no. She obviously had some postpartum. If it wasn't farmville, she would have killed him over ruining a phone call... making her burn dinner.. or spitting up on her favorite shirt. We need to help these women and look out for our friends after they have a baby. What I don't get is that she shook the baby, went outside for a cigarette.. came back in and shook the baby again.

xavie... xavierlogan09

this lady is crazy. she killed her son because she's a crazy psycho not because of facebook. facebook is not to blame for her killing this poor innocent child. r.i.p. to the sweet little baby. i hope she rots in jail for the rest of her worthless life. 

TinaF... TinaFabulous

More people need to delete their social networking accounts and get more in touch with reality. I hear about people calling their husbands and wives from work to have them update their farmville and mobsters accounts. Like are you serious? They don't even treat their kids that important! If these sites or the internet itself is causing you to lose your mind then you need to detox. If you aren't getting housework done, are neglecting your kids or worse hurting them then you can't handle internet and need to turn your damn computer off!

qrex912 qrex912

I saw an article on this on another site a few days ago. The woman's confession included this gem...

She shook the baby. He stopped crying. She smoked a cigarette "to calm her nerves" and then, shook him again. Seriously.

I believe that sort of proves how totally unstable she was. Most baby-shaking incidents are heat-of-the moment rage sort of issues. She took a break and came back to shaking him after a cigarette. I cannot believe there are people out there like that.

Bluel... Blueliner

As much as I can't stand Farmville and all the other dumb Face Book games, NO, I don't think it had anything to do with it. Like other have said, if it wasn't farmville it would have been something else.

Simpl... Simply_Janeen

When I was in Korea there was an article about a family who lived in a city not far from where we lived. You're not going to believe this, it's just too crazy but anyway, in Korea, there are places you can go on the computer. This husband and wife left their baby AT HOME ALONE to go to the (they're called PC rooms) PC room to raise a VIRTUAL BABY ONLINE. They spent so much time there, the baby died from hunger. I couldn't believe it though I could too because if you think internet addiction is bad in this country, it's REALLY bad over there.

Simpl... Simply_Janeen

I agree with an above comment though, there needs to be more support for moms with new babies. Women should not end up being so isolated. I have a three month old and she has colic and I have had some VERY bad days with her. My husband only recently came back from South Korea. Now, I haven't shaken the baby or reached that point but I can see where it could easily happen. Hardly anyone has anything to do with me. I got a place with my younger sister because I didn't know when my husband would be home and I needed help. I was afraid to be alone. Well, her boyfriend was more important and so she would spend the entire weekend she didn't have her kids at her boyfriend's house leaving me completely alone. I have friends who don't even call me. It's heading to winter and my husband doesn't celebrate Christmas so I'm going to have to isolate myself even more. It sucks and it's been very hard on me and more and more it's getting harder to not become severely depressed, especially since my sister moved out leaving us with the apartment and the rent and my husband hadn't even found a job yet. So I have the worry of being homeless on my head too. We need our villages back because it really freaking sucks being alone isolated all the time.

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