Celebrity Charges Fans Money for Baby News

lleyton hewitt baby name
Hey! I Have This Great Idea.
You know, there are worse ways to announce the birth of a baby. I just can't think of any right now.

Australian tennis star Lleyton Hewitt and his wife Bec, a former actress, welcomed a baby girl into their family last week. They were so excited they took to the airwaves to let everyone know, leaving out the one detail of the baby's name. Why? Because why give that up for free?

Hewitt uses a service called Text a Star, where fans spend $2 to get text messages from various Australian celebrities, mostly athletes. If you want to know the name of his baby girl -- send a text and two bucks.

You know what? I'm going to save you the two bucks. The new Hewitt baby is named ...


Ava Sydney Hewitt.

I'd say that's not worth more than $1.99.

Hewitt has defended himself from people who called him a money-grubbing wanker by saying the media is just upset they didn't get "the exclusive" and he wanted to tell his fans first.

Okay, then announce it ... for free. Set up your own website, tell a friend, tell a news reporter instead of OK! magazine. But saying you're giving this information to your fans first is completely disingenuous as soon as you take their money.

Do you think this was a douchey move by the Hewitts?


Image via swampa/Flickr

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