What's Your Baby's Favorite Book?

Picture books for baby
After being sick for nearly two weeks, baby Kavya's on the road to recovery. And since we're still hanging at my parents' house, where she's got space to be all over the place, she's been crawling up a storm.

But one of her favorite -- thankfully more mellow -- activities this week (and every week, actually) has been reading, because she's got quite the library stashed away at nani-ma's place.

Kavi loves books. Not only does she love eating them (and everything else, really), but she also loves hearing them read aloud, preferably in a highly animated sing-song voice. So that's what we've been doing.


Kavi's papa and I are both big readers (and working writers), so naturally we've read to her from the start. We've even been including her on our regular bookstore dates (yeah, we're geeky like that), where she gets to spend some quality time exploring new books in the children's section. She just adores storytime.

And she's definitely already got her favorites. These include I Love You Through and Through and That's Not My Dinosaur, part of this awesome That's Not My collection by Fiona Watt. (Okay, admittedly, I have a soft spot for these as well.)

But perhaps her absolute favorite is Tails, by Matthew Van Fleet, which was given to her by her Auntie Ericka when she was 6 months old. It's really cool, with different textures and colors coordinating with the different animals. Kavi's favorite is definitely the peacock, who's outfitted in some shiny blue foil that she loves to hear crinkle.

These days, not that many parents are starting their kids off with picture books. Which is really kind of sad. The visual and vocal stimulation kids get from being read to is so key in their intellectual development. Plus, it's great quiet bonding time for mommy (or daddy) and baby. After all, what could be better than ending the day cuddled up with your little one and her favorite book?

What's your baby's favorite book?

Image via PlayfulLibrarian/Flickr

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