Neil Patrick Harris Is a Dirty Diaper Tease

NPH Baby PooWhen How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris isn’t being accused of infiltrating Sesame Street with the rest of the gay mafia, he’s caring for the newborn twins he and husband David Burtka just came home with, via a surrogate. And almost immediately, he (seemingly) took to Twitter to ask some parental advice. Which we were all too willing to give!

New moms are such a supportive bunch, of course we’re all chomping at the bit for a chance to be pals with gay dads (admit it, you want to round out your playgroup soooo bad) and dispense the advice we earned through our own hard-won experience. Oh yeah, and chit-chat with a celebrity who’s asking for our input!

But oh, you sneaky little NPH! You were having your own fun with us. Check out the photo!


NPH D'oh!


A lot of us -- myself included -- have found ourselves taking to Twitter with pressing questions like “what does mastitis feel like? #newmom” or “what does it mean when the baby pulls off when she’s clearly still hungry? #bfing” and finding our @reply column filled with helpful info in short order.

With all the TMI things we’ve tweeted, how could we doubt Neil and David would do the same?

Well, funny guy, guess what -- we’ll be here when your army of baby-nurses and nannies fails you and you need help figuring out how the Miracle Blanket works at 3 a.m. It’s what we do.

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