Rock 'N' Roll Babies Get Breastfeeding Help & More Baby News

breastfeeding sonogramNailed it! "Science of Kids" writer Heather Turgeon gives the final word on breastfeeding: we need support to increase breastfeeding rates, not judgy mommies (okay, that last part was mine). -- Babble

Do you have any funny sonogram photos? Florida musicians and soon-to-be parents show off their baby in the womb giving the metal sign. My daughter did the exact same thing, yet so far she's only obsessed with the ukulele. -- New Times

Here's a controversy waiting to happen. A new study says women who practice extended breastfeeding (36 months and over) have a higher risk of osteoporosis. Wonder what happens when you're still bf'ing your 8-year-old? -- ParentDish


Image via efleming/Flickr

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