Get Your Baby Into Harvard

bilingual babyIf you're bent on teaching your child to be multi-lingual, but only speak one language in your home, there are plenty of people around that would love to help your bambino sprechen sie Deutsch, habla Espanol, parle Francais or any other languages that are foreign to you.

The benefits to bilingualism (aside from creating a child of the world, which is awesome) are vast: from learning problem solving to math.

Of course you can't simply sign up for a baby Spanish music class and expect your little one to learn. This is the beginning of a several-year commitment.

If you want your baby to go straight to the head of the class, check out these tools for the tiniest students.


little pim language babyLittle Pim is an award-winning series that teaches the youngest ones everything from Hebrew to Japanese. Through DVDs, phrase cards, and an adorable plush toy panda (Pim himself), your child is learning another language baby-style.



dr seuss in foreign languageIf you want some language immersion, stock your nursery with classics in every language. How much better does Prosciutto e Uova Verdi (Italian) sound than Green Eggs & Ham? 





first words in spanishFun for you and your baby: As she learns how to say kitty, teach her el gatito at the same time. First Thousand Words in Spanish is illustrated and adorable for many nights of reading and learning.  





Are you going to teach your baby another language?


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