Spanx for Babies: Fix Your Fat Baby

Spanx for Women has paved the way for so many other great products, including Spanx for Men and now a new one designed to hide those unsightly baby bulges.

No this is not for postpartum women. It's for fat babies.

Are you screaming yet?

OK, breathe now. It's a joke. A Saturday Night Live skit that has turned viral. In it a family sighs over their "roly poly" and "pudgy" baby. Using the baby Spanx, they are able to get the svelte baby they always wanted. And while it was hilarious, there actually are people who worry quite a bit that their baby is getting too heavy.

Here is the video:


Funny, no?

With the childhood obesity epidemic freaking everyone out, it's a pretty good idea to maintain a sense of humor. Babies are supposed to be roly poly pudgy. It's OK.

They don't need Spanx.

Do you like the video?


Image via Spanx

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