What Do You Look For in Baby Pajamas?

footed pajamas I thought I had it made, jammies-wise. After all, I’d already had one kid, so I could just use all the same stuff, right? Silly me -- that was super-duper wrong.

My babies are different temperaments: Penny couldn’t stand to have anything over her feet till she was like 6 months old -- she would freak out in feety pajamas. So all my 0-6 jammies are footless and fancy-free.

I’ve had to think about what’s most important about baby pajamas as I scramble to buy enough to keep my chilly-footed baby happy and warm. Here are my criteria right now; are they the same as yours?

  • 100% Cotton: I really don’t like fleece. It’s itchy on the inside, and it’s made of un-breathable fabric that seems like it’d be bad, like sweaty and gross. If the baby seems cold, I have the option to put her in a fleece swaddle. I’d rather use a summer-weight fabric and layer, layer, layer.
  • Zippered: I hated the zipper ones the first time around, because Penelope was underweight and tiny, so getting her leg into the cavernous tube that is the un-zippered leg felt daunting and terrifying. (I was slightly emotionally fragile, I now realize.) This time, I just like how fast it goes. Then again, if I can’t have a zipper, I like ...
  • Obvious Snaps: I’m convinced that the jammies that snap down each leg are really an IQ test. I mean, the chances that I can button my shirt evenly are slim, so how I am expected to figure out exactly where the snaps diverge into each leg is a mystery. But someone had the brilliant idea of making the leg-snaps a different color from the body-snaps. This is a god-send. Thank you, whoever thought of this!
  • No Bubble Shape: There are two shapes of baby jammies, normal and bubbly. I don’t know how else to describe them. I know babies are chubby, but the weird shape of some brands makes me wonder if they’ve ever seen a baby. And they always seem to be accompanied by a nerdy peter-pan collar! I hates it!
  • No Stupid Slogans: My kid knows that her daddy loves her. She knows her mommy loves her. Also? She can’t read. So even if she didn’t know that, declaring it on her tummy would not instill her with missing self-esteem.

What’s most important to you, jammie-wise? Tell us in the comments!

Image via Gerberchildrenswear.com

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