The Ergo Papoose Coat: Awesome or Weird?

ergo papoose coatAbby’s still too little to use our Ergo, but I’m already eager for the day her head is steady enough to handle it. The child is growing like some sort of prize-winning 4H-club pumpkin; I’m wondering if someone has slipped her steroids. I love the Bjorn, but man, it’s hard on my back.

And on my fashion sense. I have one jacket that covers both of us when she’s in the baby carrier: a black XXL hoodie with the “Adult Swim” logo on the back. Lots of hipster cachet; not many chic points.

Then I came across the Ergo Papoose Coat. It’s like a quilted turtleshell.

Here are the deets:

  • There’s a lightweight version that’s $160. There’s also, allegedly, a heavier version for winter, but it’s not up on the site yet.
  • There are buttons in the front flap, so you can wear it without the baby, too.
  • ergo papoose coatThere is a zippered flap in back that you can close when the baby’s not in there.
  • (Thank goodness! Can you imagine a snowball finding its way in? Am I the only one with a husband that would make you fear that possibility?)
  • It only comes in that one gun-metal grey color.
  • It’s made of “a breathable fabric,” but it doesn’t say what.

I have the fear of the Ergo Papoose Coat. What do you think?

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