Mario Lopez: Pregnancy Didn't Affect His Abs!

Mario LopezThere's just so much to take in when looking at these photos of Mario Lopez and his new daughter, Gia, in a recent issue of OK! magazine.

On one hand he looks like a male pinup model, but then there's this sweet little baby bonding with him ... they kind of give a flashback to that famous Athena poster of Adam Perry from the 1980s. Remember the one of the shirtless father and baby that was taped to walls everywhere?

Lopez's pics evoke that same mix of sexy and sweet (and a little bit of cheesiness) -- just what every girl dreams her husband and the father of her children will look like one day.

His chest is like Gia's own private little playground, with muscles to climb and abs to scale -- and it looks like he may just shave off every last hair so she has a smooth surface.


Clearly, Lopez hasn't let daddy duty do in his fabulous physique, but he says he has to cut back his workouts a bit.

"I'm definitely still working out, but I do less intense workouts because I'm not getting as much sleep now," Lopez recently told People. "So the fitness [regimen] is still intact, but lately I just haven't been able to go at it as hard as I used to."

Unlike some dads who shy away from diaper duty (ahem, Will Ferrell), Lopez does it all.

"Oh yeah, I'm definitely hands-on, changing the diapers and everything," he said.

His confidence comes in part because he's always been surrounded by babies.

“I come from a big, loud Mexican Catholic family,” he told OK! “My sister also has three kids, so I’m used to a bunch of babies [being] around.”

It will be great to really see him in action doing the daddy thing, which we can do when his new show, Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby, debuts November 1 on VH1.

Here's hoping we get to see more of those abs in action too.

Are you planning to watch Mario Lopez's new reality show about raising his daughter?

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