'Teen Mom' Recap: Are Amber & Gary Together Again?

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No worries, folks: Teen Mom will be back for a third season.

So, if you're like me, you couldn't wait for Dr. Drew Pinsky's seasonal Teen Mom post-mortem -- after the finale. And the hour-and-a-half special, chock-full of flashbacks to proposals, beat-downs, new loves, splits, and poignant parenting moments, was worth the wait.

Here's a quick rundown on the scoop we scored yesterday.


Farrah admitted she was still mourning baby daddy Derrick's death -- and that she felt like she'd never find another love like that. Dr. Drew pointed out that a lot of the pain Farrah feels about the situation is based in the fact that, no matter what, Sophia will never know her father. But Farrah said she plans to be open and honest with her daughter about who her father was. She also is making inroads with her relationship with her mom through therapy. It seems Debra's finally starting to understand that Farrah's grieving -- she's still stuck in that moment of loss -- and needs to be allowed to grieve. And she says she'll be there for Farrah, to listen and not judge, because she can't fix it.

Maci, meanwhile, defended her decision "to be selfish" and move baby Bentley from his home in Chattanooga to Nashville so she could be closer to her beau, Kyle. And the big news: While she and baby daddy Ryan continue to struggle with custody over Bentley, Maci and Kyle are officially back together -- and Maci still has visions of donning that white dress and marching down the aisle. Still, Dr. Drew had Maci confront Ryan head-on about how much he's hurt her over the past three years by running away. But now, she says, it's past the point of being fixed. They just have to think about what's best for Bentley. There is a cute moment, thought, when Ryan admits, "She knows everything. This is super-mama."

Catelynn and Tyler talked about their bittersweet reunion with baby Carly, the daughter they gave up more than a year ago. They said how having Carly -- and having to give her up -- gave them the motivation to set and work toward some major life goals, despite the rough family situation they still find themselves in. Catelynn explains that while they're still confident about their decision, it doesn't make the pain of giving her up that much easier. Dr. Drew also brought Catelynn's mom, April, on to the show to talk about how she's verbally and emotionally abusing her daughter. April says she regrets every mean thing she's ever said to Catelynn. And Dr. Drew recommends that the pair go to some Al-Anon meetings to help them deal with the ramifications of Butch and April's actions. They plan to. Thankfully, Catelynn and Tyler are sticking together, and together they'll focus on the future.

And then, finally, what you've been waiting for. Amber's split with creepy Chris and, yes, it looks like Amber and Gary might get back together. But before we get to that, Dr. Drew puts the focus on Amber's abusive tendencies. He shows Amber (who really needs to get some quality waterproof mascara) that the behavior she's exhibiting -- the verbal, the physical, the emotional abuse -- is a pattern she's learned from her own family. And she gives Gary credit for being a strong man, for holding it together and protecting little Leah. Gary says that he stays because the moments that are good are really good. And he says he doesn't call the police because he doesn't want Amber to get in trouble. So Dr. Drew says she has to get help. From a professional. Because, he spouts, "80 to 90 percent of children who live in a home with domestic violence know exactly what's going on." And Leah surely does. So in this situation, "Leah loses," Dr. Drew says. So Amber finally apologizes to Gary for all she's put him through. That doesn't necessarily fix things. But maybe they'll try, by going to therapy, by dealing with it.

I know, I know. It'll be rough going without Teen Mom for the next few months. But take heart, fellow addicts: According to Gary's MySpace page, they're already filming season three -- and rumor has it that it's set to air next spring. In the meantime, stay tuned for your weekly 16 & Pregnant recaps right here on The Stir starting next week.

What was your favorite Teen Mom moment this season? The one most cringe-worthy?

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